Chapter 22: The Journey to Motherhood: It's Time to Give up the Ninny

July 11, 2016


I hope I can write this blog without crying, but the very thought of what I am getting ready to share brings tears to my eyes. So here we go...


The time has come that I must stop breastfeeding Beans. It breaks my heart, and I have not mentally wrapped my head around having to stop nursing her before I originally planned. I have nursed her exclusively for a year (give a take a month or so when she was in the NICU and still learning how to latch). The bond that we have shared has been incredible and one that I do not want to lose. However, per her doctor, she needs to gain some weight. I try to feed her solids and drink pedisure, but it is to no avail. At least it seems that way. I am not sure if she needs more time to really enjoy eating food, if she is a slow grower or if she is destined to be small. Nonetheless, the thought of having to wean her makes me sad. Like. really.sad.

I am going to miss those quiet moments, when it is just she and I. I am going to miss her looking up and smiling at me. I am going to miss her looking to me as a her only source of comfort and peace. However, I know that we will find new ways to bond. I know that we will have a bond that only a mother and a daughter can share. I guess this weaning process is more for me than her. It signifies that my baby is growing up... and I just want to hold on to her a little while longer.


What tips or advice do you have for weaning? Please share your experience.


Nisia Skyy

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