Chapter 37: Dream Snatchers

September 5, 2018

Listen... I’m going to cut to the chase on this here blog post today. I have a vent. Ready or not
here I go.


People love to impose their beliefs, thoughts, and fears upon you. I have some stories but at the risk of being found out, I will refrain from giving a personal account today. A great deal of what I have dealt with when it comes to fears and issues I face have come through the spoken words of someone else. A friend or family member, these are the worst offenders, is often the person to plant a seed of doubt, worry, or fear in my mind before I’ve even thought about the situation or circumstance.


At 34, I’m understanding what it is I like, what it is I desire, and how God created me. I am more
than just a creative spirit or a free spirit----I am a creative. I love to sing, act, and write. I am an
expressive soul. As I go along being the creative I am, I find myself getting sidetracked by the
words people speak over me. I’m not the only one I’m sure. For example, as a mom and adult
(you know bills and such), I have all these responsibilities and others want to tell me how I
should spend my time outside of being a creative---work harder, take more clients, be this type
of attorney. All of these things around me try to prevent me from doing what I’ve been called to



So, what do you do when you know you’ve been called to greatness?


1. Decide in your mind that words will not stop you from going after your dreams. Your thoughts
and their words can’t stop you. People will have you thinking your God-given calling is not what
you should be pursuing. Silence the noise.


2. Write the vision and make it plan. Be clear and specific about what you see God calling you
to. God has given you a purpose to fulfill (that will be profitable too), but you have to make sure
you’re not seeing other people write their vision and taking it as your own. Even reading
information online can be LOUD to your spirit. Silence the noise.


3. Be mindful of people who mean you well but can’t see past their noses. People will project
their lack of vision on you. Their own jealousy, insecurity, or lack of creativity may have them
telling you that your ideas are far-fetched and not possible. Oftentimes, what others have to say
about your visions reflect their own fears about a situation. Silence the noise.


Guard your words. Guard your vision. Guard your dreams. Everyone won’t understand what
you’re doing, but it’s not for them to understand. Don’t let others snatch your dreams up. You’ve
got this, and I’ve got your back.


Until next time,


Nisia Skyy

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